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About Leo

Daily zodiac predictions for 21-November-2019

This is a promising day to day to plan something exciting and entertaining with close friends. While working on staff development, your target should be to focus on achieving increased effectiveness, performance and output. At home the support of family will enable to maintain happiness and harmony. Do not forget to nurture romantic relationship.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 21 November

You will be praised in your family and in your social circle. You will make some new contacts which will proved to be very useful in the near future. Avoid any sort of argument at workplace or in the society, as it will worsen the situation and your reputation will diminished. You may earn money from more than one source though these are temporary sources of income. Money inflow will be good and make your bank balance thick. You have to give attention to your family and progeny. Students may go for higher studies or do research work.

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Monthly zodiac predictions for the Month of

Unexpected happenings are there on the card in this month. Enemies become your friends and friends will become your enemies during this phase. Your opponents and enemies will try their best to hamper your interest and ongoing projects in this month. You have to monitor your financial transactions at your own as some one near to you may try to dupe you. Money wise your position will be very hard. You may take some vital decisions to increase your money inflow. You have to be very careful in this month otherwise you may trap in a major conflict. Your health needs concern in the starting of this month. You may suffer with headache or migraine due to over burden of mental work. Money almost reached in your hands will be held back. You may develop some new contacts which are proved to be very helpful in your day to day work. You may start some new deals with your new contacts and get the projects completed on time. In the middle of the month the situation will improve and you will get success in your profession. However, your financial position will be tight. Your hard work will yield good results. You may involve in some spiritual and religious activities. Your almost completed projects will be held up in last days of this month. You may enjoy time with your family members. Some stranger may help you in this month. Your contribution to a project may not appear adequate to your higher authorities. Those struggling on the education front will need to work very hard.

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