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about Minaxi Bali


Decades ago, Minaxiji embarked on a journey of self discovery leading to a spiritual awakening. She realized her potential for collective and individual healing and tapped into this potential of hers to ensure the general well being of all those around her. Minaxiji’s spiritual beliefs are based on the ‘Inherent Divinity’. She believes that Divinity is inherent to and resides within all of life found on earth. It is this, inherent divinity, which she invokes for the healing process.

With numerous psychic experiences as a teenager she was strongly drawn towards reading books related to mysticism, the occult, psychology, astrology, metaphysics and meditation. It was during this period of her life that Minaxiji began her first ever formal training in astrology at the prestigious Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan in New Delhi under the expert guidance of Prof. K. N. Rao. Minaxiji was soon tied in matrimony. Even after her marriage she continued her unrelenting pursuit of astrology. She avidly read a large number of books on the subject and was seeking out the ancient knowledge about astrology. She simultaneously stayed in practice by making and reading charts for her close friends and associates. Minaxiji eventually went on to complete her Masters in Astrology at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan itself. She attended many astrological classes and workshops at the institute which went a long way in helping her refine her skill while simultaneously learning other complex and advanced techniques. It was around this time that began practicing meditation and yoga as well.

Over the last two decades Minaxiji has become well known in India as well as internationally for her psychic and astrological readings and predictions. In her readings she uses her skill and psychic insight to guide her clients in matters relating to their spiritual, personal and professional concerns. One of the main areas of her specialization is relationship guidance. Minaxiji’s role is somewhat like that of an oracle. In essence she acts as a spiritual advisor who by making use of her astrological knowledge combined with her vast experience and psychic gifts, gives her audience specific insights into their lives, be it past, present or future.

She strongly believes that since the future is not set in stone, one’s decisions in the present moment can always ‘alter’ the direction of the things or events which are yet to occur. By making use of the ancient, proven science of Vedic Astrology along with these psychic insights an individual can make very practical, powerful and beneficial decisions in the present which would lead to a better future! Knowing thyself, these two words truly encompass what astrological and intuitive guidance is all about. Minaxiji works towards helping others to truly knowing themselves better and this is a lifelong task for her. This great astrologer lives by the motto, “Perfection is reached when your soul is in tune with the cosmic power, the unseen positive forces!”