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About Gemini

Daily zodiac predictions for 19-September-2019

You should speak less and whatever you speak has to be guarded, lest you may have tough time today. Students may have tough time. Some may have to travel extensively and at times unnecessarily. Working people may also do well. Family situation would be generally tensed and you should avoid indulging in arguments with the elderly family members.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 19 September

You may be trapped in a conspiracy, which will be fabricated by your opponents and enemies. Yours mood may be off due to your economic conditions getting deteriorated. But they will not be able get much success in that. This week is very much romantic for you. You may meet your old beloved one. You will success in new love affairs. Your family relations will be hormonal and you will spent more time with your family members and may go on picnic etc. You are advised not to drive your vehicle, as this phase is not favorable for you, so stay alert. Beware while on the road as distance journey will be harmful for you.

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Monthly zodiac predictions for the Month of

Starting of this month is very rewarding for you as good money inflow will swell your bank balance and you may further enhance your business. You will be successful in realizing money with the co-operation of your friends or colleagues. You will also earn from your ancestral property. You will be satisfied by the things going in your desired directions. This is the time to initiate some new projects implemented with the partnership of your faithful person. You may be fully devoted to your profession. You honest acts with total commitment towards your profession will yield very good results in this month. Your all good deeds may be praised in the society. You may get good results from all your doings. Your boss at your work place will be happy with you and even you may get promotion out of turn. Your reputation in the social circle will further enhance. But in the mid of this month the situation will deteriorate a little bit. Do not involve in any sort of confrontations, as you may lose your temper, resulting in your health may deteriorated. Your life partner will not behave normally and do not understand your emotions which may leads to confrontations. Atmosphere at home and also at your work place will be full of tensions. Some unforeseen situation will develop and you will be caught in dilemma. Enemies and opponents may trap a conspiracy against you. Avoid travelling during this phase of the month and do not start any new project, otherwise you get huge money loss. Money related matters may become further complicated. The fortune may turn favorable again at the last of the month. Your business/profession will run smoothly. Beware from your trusted persons only as they may try to dupe you. This month will give your mixed results.

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