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21 December, 2016 Blog

Baby Names With Indian Origin A Trend

Indian naming (Naamkaran) ritual come from a deep culture of life and understanding of its meaning. Coining baby names in the Shastras and Upanishads have a very deep rooted philosophy for a newborn to manifest best of his energies in future. It’s defining the destiny of a baby and how the baby will take its life path seeing the lifetime horoscope he is born with. Making the most of the time and planetary energies one is born with.

A baby name has a divine relation to its life path, to its new energies and qualities one is born with. This divine relation makes one prove its name in future and play its own role in the unified universe. Seeing it from a practical point of view the naming makes one defined as an individual and how a parent look towards his infant in the future to come. Parents embrace what is gifted to them and they try their best to name them in the best unique way to have their own place in the universe. But here are a few points one can take care of when it comes to naming a baby, especially having an Indian connection.

Take personal detail into naming a baby with an astrologic point of view, check the baby time of birth and his right match for the initials and what kind of personality the baby is going to develop into.

Make note of necessary future negative areas through Astro-detailing when a baby might go through a tough time. So a naming can help that will help the baby associate with right values with himself when the baby grows with that name every single day in future. A name more precise to one’s positive traits makes a good impact on how the baby is going to relate to others in society. A baby with silent behaviour can be named a little more openly so that it does no feel sidelined in the social life at school or elsewhere. A close assessment of the baby name vis a vis the behaviour is very important to start with a right set of baby name options.

Seek help from an astrologer or a baby name specialist, it’s not a child’s play, as babies names right are like naming one’s future right, because name acts like a mantra, to one’s consciousness and it is a portal for an individual to know itself better and know his life path and his own identity clearly. a unified name to one’s personality always helps a baby in his growing years.

The psychological effect of naming a baby properly is another advantage if we see it from a scientific point of view rather than an astrological point of view. It is seen kids with kids named positively and discreetly are more and more likely to develop similar values in their formative years. Researchers also suggest that one’s self-esteem can be highly affected in the formative years when they are trying to make their identity in each social circle and knowing who they are. Naming helps them associate them with they own kind of identity and people similar to their interests. So naming is a very delicate affair.

Adoption of Indian names in the western world. How we see American and English speaking nations name their babies with adjectives and role models. The western millennials have now adapted Indian values of being holistic and divine as they have understood the value of Vedas and the inherent scientific impact of ancient sounds already studied in Indian culture and mythology.

Baby names like Myra, Ayaan, Aurya, Anya, Atharva etc. relating to Indian roots are now being adopted worldwide.

One of a parent who adopted such a name is Neha Singh, a traveller mum, from New Delhi, who got her baby named “Atharva” after one of the ancient Indian Veda called the Atharva Veda. When asked for its meaning she said “this name give her a very close relation to the Indian roots and her spiritual nature and she wants her kid to feel that when he grow up in his life”

Many more to come to adopt the trend but, before that do take an expert opinion because all it matters is how much youcare about their names and what their future holds.

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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