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21 December, 2016 Blog

Need For An Astrologer Or A Guru In Life

We are a living in a world of complexities, so many equations are being set to make things happen, to keep control of our environments and situations in life, everyone is running behind it. What is the need for a guru in a life that complex? How can you take benefit from Astro-sciences and your karmas?.

What is a Guru? Guru for some is a person, a hero, an old figure and so and so on. But if you see deeper everything can be called a guru, that gives you light from darkness. From it’s knowledge. Guru is that element that gives you direction and makes you heavy with knowledge in life. A line that that reminds me to define a guru is: “Guru is one who makes an ignorant being a knower.” Living with masters and gurus is something said to be difficult. And it’s very seldom one can do that in this busy life.

But one can find a fix to this. One type of guru who can give you knowledge into Astro-sciences and future predictions can help you clear your path is an astrologer. It’s not a bad thing to take benefits from the ancient sciences for uplifting your life energies. These were made to make life easier and know more than what we see from our eyes. An Astro guru can help you see a right path and tell you where you can fall based on your birth chart. It has made many people accomplish their goals, as its is pure Astro-knowledge being used for the betterment or to come out of tough times. A regular visit to an Astro guru can give you more insights into the future and save a lot of time learning from events and things the hard way. And especially at times when the stakes are high, a directional hand is what one wish for.

There are business decisions being taken, there are careers being explained through Astro-sciences. People have been successful by focussing their energies through Astro consultations. It’s all about what means you choose. Following an Astro-guru is what adds to your clarity to perform your karmas to achieve your goals.

But all is not good and beautiful, there are precautions to this as well. There are many who have fallen into immature, wrong hands and have been harmed psychologically and monetarily. Be aware of such who take astrology as a tool to exploit and take advantage of your faith. Find someone through some referral, know about them in detail before making a move and keep your eyes open and trust as much as you have faith in it if not less.

An astrologer becomes a guru when it also help you attain a spiritual path and is able to give you a right spiritual direction apart from material success, because the spiritual success is what will transform your life. After that you can achieve everything that you want and your desires, dharmas will also be refined and higher, your goals will be bigger than earlier.

Minaxi Bali

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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