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21 December, 2016 Blog

Need For An Astrologer Or A Guru In Life


This world we live in runs on three processes, one is the creation, second the maintenance and third is the erosion, basically three basics or facts of life. It is ever changing and moving in a direction that is unstoppable, it’s growing all the time towards something new and different in each second. The transformation is always there in all beings and all things that are present in this world. What do we have in hand while the world moves in it’s own orbit? We have the power to transform ourselves and our lives each second and prove the existence of ourselves through our actions and thoughts as defined in the vedas. Vedas have given various mantras to lead a satisfied life with these natural energies.

As explored in in the vedas, the ancient knowledge can be felt and experienced in real by taking up Poojas and Hawans regularly. To go in depth, there are mantras for achieving balance in business, monetary gains, for personal siddhis, for transformation in health, so it depends on what the sadhak is aiming for. This vedic knowledge can bestow everything a sadhak can ever think of that’s why they are called universal knowledge mantras. Once pronounced in the Hawans repetitively they start to emit positive energies linked to our gods, deities and universal energies from where we have come to life.

The focus from divine mantras connect us to the natural energies from where we have come from. With a huge list of gods and goddesses, there are immense powers inherent in just the sound of the mantras. Each energy field and god has a different mantra called a beej mantra, as captured by the ancient scientific observations thousands of years and yugas ago. These mantras are completely productive in themselves and can provide everything one can aim for in life. These mantras are ever present in nature and an open mind can observe them. The power of mantras can be felt by a sadhak in real life as well. To a practitioner, it gives fearlessness, presence of mind, focus in all areas of life and everything one wish to have with a pure mind. Once a sadhak has developed faith in the mantras the repetitive nature makes it stronger and stronger with each round. Subtle changes start to happen in one’s life. Many experiences are explored by sadhaks around the world when they made Poojas & Hawans regular in their life.

In this world of ever-moving energies mantras provide consistent height of energies, thought and confidence to achieve whatever you aim for in life. They are like non-material softwares for your life energies, more you upgrade them more higher knowledge you get. And by knowledge it does not mean a lot of information, but real life learning with experience that you adopt in daily life as the energies bring more peace and focussed aura in each area of one’s life.

Minaxi Bali

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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