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Daily zodiac predictions for 1-March-2024

You are likely to lean towards philosophy at this point of time. Participation in a group activity is highlighted today. There is possibility of a minor health problem do exists but nothing alarming. Making money and furthering your career would be the foremost priorities in your mind. Your partner would be helpful to you during this period of endeavour.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 1 March

You will get honor and fame in the society and at your workplace in this week. Journeys carried out in this week will prove to be rewarding. There are chances of promotion in business/job. You will be praised in the society and in your near ones. But at the weekend extra care is required for your health. Eat balanced diet and avoid overeating. You may suffer in your profession/business even after trying your best. Money inflow in this week will make your bank balance thick. Your relations at work place and in family will be hormonal, resulting in you will get mental satisfaction. You will be successful in every Endeavour you do is assured during this week. You may be suffered with eye related problems. Do not waste your money and time on un relevant matters in business.

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Monthly zodiac predictions for the Month of March

Circumstances in this month will be in your favor. Good earnings will make you romantic and you may spend unnecessarily. Your life partner will not behave normally and do not understand your emotions which may leads to confrontations. Your position in the society and in the family will get strength and everyone in the family will listen to you. You will try to find some new ventures for making money, and for this you have to work very hard. Be careful in your work and assigned jobs must be completed with full devotion. Do not indulge in any unfair deals. Gradually circumstances will improve more and you will get success in whatever you do is assured. In the last days of this month, money wise your position will be good. Your bank balance will become thick. You will overpower your opponents and enemies in this month. You will take part in some social work with your full interest and zeal. Take care while on the road. Be ready to shoulder extra responsibilities. You may travel extensively in this month, therefore there may be lot of investment in terms of money and labor but it won

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