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21 December, 2016 Blog

What Your Baby Name Should Mean? And Why?

What you plan for you baby becomes his personality and his identity. But what makes a baby name so special? What makes you baby names one of the unique when you set out to name your favourite part in your life.

Baby names signify a sense of love and affection for the one who hears it. The energy and aura it generates make him identify him forever. A strong identity makes one feel in a high regard that leads to a good self-esteem and feels valued and loved in a social space.

There are time kids grow up to change their name later in life only to find that they do not like the name and it’s sometimes too old school and sometimes too out-of-this-world. Sometimes the baby name relates to something really funny in the environment kids grow up and perceive their identity from.

The entire ecosystem is made up of sounds, each thing and planet emits a sound of its own, each natural object has a sound, a sound is said to be the first ripple of a creation in this world. That’s why they say “At first there was a word” in all major religious and sacred texts, be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or any religion, each one has a word that signifies unity of all times, present, past, future.

Unity means everything started from one thing one centre point of creation, in Hinduism, “Aum” is the word that is the centre point of the past the present and the future. A baby name is the most important aspect that immediately creates a sense of emotion, relation, love, identity and so much we do not even perceive through our senses. It’s like a mantra of our identity, meaning, every time one says the word it comes live by just saying it.

The science behind the baby naming is immense and deep. Coming up with new names is an art and science both. Come and connect with us for more such deep insights and tips for baby names for future.

Minaxi Bali

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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