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21 December, 2016 Blog

Online Astrology Services And Consulting A Great Help For Solution Seekers

When i got married in my life, the astro online consulting scene was not so prominent but since a few years things have changed for almost everything that used to happen face to face. The astrology counselling is said to be more personal and it need a lot of facetime to observe the personal energies as well when we meet someone than online.

But really this magical always-on technology has helped me connect to spiritual and solution seekers into a new level of comfort. Online astrology also works on your birth chart and gives similar experience as one would have on a face to face meeting. Only that ever increasing traffic issues people them to stay at home even in most accessible cities and metros of the world. The physical solutions like hawans and important poojas are done on a video call on the name of the person seeking the solution. Online chats and video allows better recognition of one’s energies as as an astrologer we are keen in reading the individual’s basic energy fields as well in finding the right solution. So the service is not only scientific it’s also intuitive in nature.

The healing that happens in our other solutions like Reiki, we have a practiced methodology and experience that enables the right development of the solution and curing the person. The sessions are scheduled for a time and then done regularly to enable cure.

Online astrology services also include our free horoscope of the day from our website that can be taken and be benefitted from. The best part is visiting to our blog time to time as it impart more ancient knowledge so that you can take full benefit in your lives

Minaxi Bali

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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