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21 December, 2016 Blog

Top 3 From The Last Words Of Ravana That Make Sense For Generations To Come

Lying on the death bed, the brahmin Ravan belonging to an Asur yoni, had a lot to say, but in that little time period, he gave three important lessons he learnt from the episode that lasted for years beginning from the creation of Lanka abduction of Mata Sita.

1 – “शुभस्य शीघ्रम्” (Shubhasya Shighram)

Whatever happens in the course of life, focus on the auspicious things in life first and delay the inauspicious as much as possible, like a good deed or an active follow-up in some active business deal, etc. etc. and delay the inauspicious, like argument, fights, using bad words as much as possible.

On the death bed, Ravan told Lakshman that he was unable to realise that Rama is the one who can bring a difficulty to him, or can become a divine lord for him. He mistook him for a dhoti-clad man with a bunch of monkeys and instead he delayed the good and forced the inauspicious war and fight and the bad future for Lanka.

2 – Never underestimate anyone, any being or any creature

This lesson actually creates respect for all the creatures big or small, they play a vital role at times and changed the course of history. So ignoring them and underestimating them is not a trait of a wise man. Ravana underestimated Rama, the monkey army, the entire existence of the divine message and stories that one day this kingdom will be broken down by a monkey. When that happens to think that it will be the beginning of the destruction. The day Lord Hanuman reached Lanka in a minuscule size to check the well-being of Mata Sita, the door woman Rakshashi, got to know the time has come and it’s not too far to wait.

3- Secret is to be kept with only yourself only

Once the information is out it can be used, manipulated, or tweaked when out from one’s mouth.

The soul who knows it is the best preserver of the secrets that exist. And whenever this will be shared without caution it will be manipulated, amended, changed and mistreated. Never let secrets out even to your close ones or don’t make them enemies if they get to know them.

Vibhushan is the true example of the fact and it also leads to the fact that the unsocial conduct of Ravan led Vibhishan to do the right thing who knew what he knew, he used the information in a right way.

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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