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21 December, 2016 Blog

How Regular Pooja And Hawans Keep You Actively Positive In Business And Personal Life

Yagyas,Hawans,Poojas are an integral part of the Indian Household since ages but the right vidhi and process is always detailed out when a Vedic yagya is to performed. An experienced guru always save time to attain the results from the Hawans so that’s why we are one of the best astrologers in India in this service. Our expertise is primarily in all Mata Poojas, Hawans which can be done all year round to attain the right way of life.

How these services create a positive focus of energies is a scientific discussion for some other day, but right now we can explore the effect it generates and how the results can be observed (by an open spiritual mind).

In Business: the main effect is created by the planetary and non-local divine forces on the business energies if they are low, or having any obstacle or having any renewal related issues. Business demands constant, upbeat, consistent energies as there are many market forces that we need to fight everyday, and poojas give us a super non-physical power to find the right way to solve our issues itself. It’s like a seed for the boost of divine subtle energies. The long term and short term issues in business can be assessed by the client and then a right (ishta) god is suggested to effect in the most natural way possible. The divine god/goddess is then prayed with mantra sounds and offerings in the hawan fire, after that different set of mantras are selected to invoke different kinds of divine energies in the sadhak’s consciousness. The mantra led hawans can go on for days with different set of mantra selections. Focus on one particular subject or result in such preparations is very important or the focus would be minimised. Each and every solution is provided on the basis of the kundali of the sadhak which gives the maximum knowledge base to suggest a right positive future.

In Personal Life: the sadhak’s family life is assessed through the family nakshatras and right pooja with mantra jaap is advised with hawan and anushthans. In this case, the marriage compatibility in case of a single person, is assessed and the doshas in the kundali are remedied by poojas and hawans offering right objects. There is no right time, but a more preferred time to do such hawans. In personal experience, the divine journey of a being should be consistent and these offerings keeps one aligned to the life forces throughout the life. Whenever there has been a big calamity or a need for a help from the unknown, such hawans have given miraculous results in our vedic and pre-mordial history.

As a closing note, these services are indeed divine in nature but many people do feel that these are not going to bring any miracles until they perform their karmas to achieve it, and it is actually true, it works only to those who believe in it and work for it, as the results will be seen only by a receptive mind. To add the doors of opportunities and miracles were opened only for those who had faith in the opening of the doors. Karma is still important to pursue anything in life. Jai Mata Ki.

Minaxi Bali

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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