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21 December, 2016 Blog

What Is The Point Of Astrology Counselling When Karma Is All That Matters?

Karma is also a life force like other forces we have come to this universe with. All in all, the planetary, spiritual and karmic forces of previous and present life are the ones that matter. All the forces in totality impact your life. For those who don’t believe in astrology, make sure your positive karmas make a great impact on your life to overcome all the other forces. But on a contrary view, life is meant to be in unison with the forces and energies and the situations you are born with, as the one who deals with the present positively, naturally generates a lot of positive energy for everyone around by living in the present circumstances compared to living in an imaginary life throughout.Astrology is a science which also tells you about your naturally dynamic energies, and gives you a direction towards prosperity and self-realisation when you become a true being with all the powers of the self to create anything you want. The goal of astrology also is to achieve greatness in one’s life and do wonders. It’s only about where you start, do you take help from others or you take a difficult path of doing a self-exploration through other means. In this information-age the Astro information of a being is not something one cannot account or compare on a daily basis, there are many tools which can help you know exactly how your life is going and going to be unless you decide to start to explore yourself within. Accounted results in astrology do come true and they do help people regain control of their lives and manage their lives in a better way, especially in this world that is becoming chaotic, and more about multiplicity at the same time. It gives a lot of peace to know what’s happening in your personal life and make right course corrections.

In a way, correct astrology counselling is a pathway between the life you want to have and the life you are already having.

–Shri Minaxi Bali

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