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Kundali Dosha Remedy

If you have a Kundali doshas that normally shows in the behavior of getting angry or restless, or a non focussed state, it’s due to the unfocused energies around you and in your entire composition. Not all people are adept at making the amends in their discipline, that’s where Astro consultation and remedies become life changing. Shri Minaxi Bali has consulted for all ages and had been beneficial to get right results for each age type. Understanding demands of each age makes all the difference as the solutions provided are divine in nature.

Included Features

    • Consultation can taken by phone call/Video call (Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp)
    • Specially prepared Horoscope and Kundli Charts for the individual by Minaxi ji
    • Explanation of kundli charts and planetary positions
    • What bad effects are caused by the planets on your horoscope and life
    • Shani/Sade sati analysis
    • How to take away the negativity around you
    • Suggestive Poojas and Hawans to fight the negativity
    • How is your present mind frame and time period.
    • Know about your present and future planetary status
    • Which dosha is there in your kundli
    • How the dosha can affect your life
    • Consultations and solutions for health problem
    • How the dosha can affect your mood.
    • How problems may perpetuate and grow
    • Suggestive measure to get your stars work the best for you
    • How do get rid of the side effects of the doshas..
    • What time period will give you the higher and lower energy level
    • Guidance to cure bad effects of planets on your life.
    • Suggestive remedies and solutions
    • Predictions and guidance for present and future


Important information and Terms *You will be given options of time slots or asked before scheduling your calls. Once it has been scheduled, modification cannot be done. Neither are refunds done. *Max time for any call is 30 mins at one time, if you still have further consultation requirements your continuation call will be scheduled again for another day.