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Detailed Marriage Compatibility

Lead a happy married life with Minaxi Bali Astro services Hindu marriage is huge step from being single to becoming responsible for each other forever in good and bad times. To ensure marriage compatibility through all these tough times we provide an in-depth understanding of the energies both individuals that lead to a happy life with less friction and with great ease. This astrological science helps us know more about the present and the future and helps take an informed decision. After all life is important, and one should take this exercise seriously and always take an Astrological opinion to their marriages..

Sri Minaxi Bali ji has experienced many such couples who have been advised for the right thing that should be done in their life with respect to marriage. Many couples have found solutions as well if doshas are found in their compatibility. The compatibility is of many levels, health-wise, monetary-wise, behavior-wise, future-wise, reproductively, etc. to ensure they both lead a satisfactory life.

She wishes all couples a happy married life ahead and advise to keep their divinity alive to sail through the tough times and be happy in good times without any strain on the relationship. Relationships are build on personal initiatives and belief on positive traits in the other partner.

Included Features

    • Consultation can taken by phone call/Video call (Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp)
    • Specially prepared Horoscope and Kundli Charts by Minaxi ji
    • Explanation of kundli charts and planetary positions
    • Match Making
    • Detailed Marriage consultation
    • Compatibility Analysis
    • Special dates for occasions
    • What time period is best suitable for your married life
    • When will you conceive
    • Guidance for how to make your marriage work
    • How to improve your married life
    • How is your present mind frame and time period
    • How problems may perpetuate or grow
    • Main problem identification
    • Suggestive remedies and solutions
    • Predictions and guidance for present and future

Important information and Terms *You will be given options of time slots or asked before scheduling your calls. Once it has been scheduled, modification cannot be done. Neither are refunds done. *Max time for any call is 30 mins at one time, if you still have further consultation requirements your continuation call will be scheduled again for another day.