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Baby Names

Babies are blessings from god, so is their naming and their planning which is most vital once they come in our life. Baby name is a greatest contribution to a child life as a parent. The child sees the new world through that name, and is called by that name forever.

Baby name is not just a fancy activity, but a scientific one, where the child’s kundali is made and then all the planetary positions gives an initial to choose a name with. The selection of name is done by parents and older people at home, as the name has feelings attached with all members of the family. We ensure the baby gets his/her due.

Sometimes a weak name can make one feel weak, as it is said the child is a mere reflection of the environment and training provided with. Sri Miniaxi Bali has a 20 yr experience helping couples name thier children. Afterall who doesn’t love babies.

Included Features

    • You can take consultation via video call(Skype,Facetime etc.)
    • You can take consultation on phone call
    • You can get consultation by email
    • Kundli charts and Horoscope
    • Little introduction about minaxi ji
    • About the sunsign-few basic facts, characterstics.
    • Explanation of kundli charts and planetry positions.
    • How is your present mind frame and time period
    • Main problem identification.
    • How problems may perpetuate or grow
    • Pedication and guidance for future
    • How to move forward-cautions,warnings(create health for further consultation and remedies)
    • Contact details and small points about minaxiji background and experience

Important information and Terms *You will be given options of time slots or asked before scheduling your calls. Once it has been scheduled, modification cannot be done. Neither are refunds done. *Max time for any call is 30 mins at one time, if you still have further consultation requirements your continuation call will be scheduled again for another day.