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21 December, 2016 Blog

True Lessons Of Life From Dussehra, For A Modern Day Millennial

Not once but many times the festival of Dussehra has come in our life and every time there is a lesson that is repeated around us and understood by people in different ways. But what is the real essence that can be derived from this day in our life? These timeless events in history are still relevant to today’s events from a worker to an owner to any person of higher authority in any part of the world. They look like philosophies in children’s books, but when we grow up it’s the only thing we remember that give us immense strength to fight evil outside and inside us.

Don’t hesitate to correct yourself in any situation

After the huge abduction of Mata Sita, Ravan never thought of making amends in his behaviour or acts against her. This perpetuated the situation and it brought along a huge war! War that took heads away from the shoulders and brought the golden Lanka to ruins. The huge war that ran for days, was just a result of a mistake done, never realised or amended by Ravan despite humble requests.

Do Not Take messengers lightly officially or unofficially

Messages from the unknown are god’s messages to us to get ready for a new situation or get alarmed from a future harm.

Like Lord Hanuman was taken lightly when in the court of Great Ravana, the messenger was treated rudely and his message was not taken seriously. Instead, he was burnt from his tail and was forced to run for his life and destroy the beauty of the capital city of Lanka. The lesson was learnt but very late. Such messengers exist in real life as well, your parents, people in legal sectors, friends many time, strange people – they also become a messenger to correct oneself to betterment.

Be socially correct without breaching anyone’s right including animals

How a community of monkey and regions across India got united to fight against the Ravan. This could have been avoided, as the massive size of the unity of people was enough to fight against the unethical act of the abduction of Mata Sita. This created an anti-King feeling in his own state where people believed that Ravan will be killed by a God’s avatar. Paying no heed to it, Ravan was totally unperturbed about the social consciousness. Talking about animals and birds, one bird who witnessed the abduction made the location of Mata Sita accessible so birds and animals acted like messengers. In Hinduism, each divine god has an animal or a bird associated. So they are part of our overall existence.

Have a great Ideal

From the ages, it is evident that great personalities and Avatars has changed the course of civilisation and everyone aspires to be someone or the other. An Ideal makes life easier and it gives us a path to live. Depends on who your ideal is. Shree Ram and Lord Hanuman are both ideal for us. They have an immense reality and existence even now to make miracles happen in life. Nothing is as big an example than them. Who have lived across ages and even then they are the ever existent.

Believe in even small contributions of a team

Things become easier when you have people and their multiple skill-set on our side. Even if it’s a squirrel, a monkey, it can make tough times easier and a positive leader can make huge advances with a team that driven and focussed even if small. A win is where the heart, the effort and the mind is. Motivated teams, employees, friends, partners, are always an addon. How come this is not evident to us every time we celebrate this day of the victory of good over evil.

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–Shri Minaxi Bali

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